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Lost Your Data? We Can Recover!

When it comes to raid data recovery services in Singapore, Drive Data Recovery are the Professionals!

RAID Data Recovery Singapore

Need RAID Data Recovery Services Singapore?

Drive Data Recovery Singapore is a Singapore data recovery service company that provides professional drive data recovery for logical /electronics / mechanical / physical failures.

We can help you for RAID Data Recovery Services in Singapore. We recover from any Storage Disk Drives Types - Internal (Desktop, PC, Laptop, Server, RAID) & External (Portable, Mobile). Contact Us for your for your RAID Data Recovery needs today.

Lost Your Data? (Device::RAID)

Drive Data Recovery Singapore can recover/retreive important data from the following raid drive failures:

Accidental format Accidental Deletion Controller Malfunction
File System Corruption Partition Corruption Firmware Corruption
Data Corruption Non Detection Virus Contamination
Blue Screen of Death No Power Damaged PCB
Bad Sectors Faulty Components Faulty Motor
Clicking Sound Read/Write Head Faulty or Errors Out-Of-Sync

Why RAID Fails?

Even the best configured RAID system can fail due to::

  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Missing RAID Partition.
  • Multiple Drive Failure
  • Accidental Replacement of Drive Components
  • Accidental Reformatting of Drives or Whole RAID Array
  • Array Configuration Lost
  • Intermittent Drive Failure resulting in RAID degradation
  • Power surge corrupting NVRAM configuration setting in controller
  • Loss of RAID Drive Access after firmware or system upgrade

RAID Array Configuration

Our RAID recovery services use advanced raid recovery tools and techniques to recover from the following RAID arrays:

  • RAID 0 (stripe)
  • RAID 1 (mirror)
  • RAID 2 (bit level striping), RAID 3 (byte level striping)
  • RAID 4 (block level striping), RAID 5 (block level striping with d.parity)
  • RAID 6 (RAID 5 with addition of another partiy block)
  • RAID 10, RAID 0 + 1, RAID 1 + 0

Free Consultation & Quotation

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Data Recovery Pricing

At Drive Data Recovery Singapore, we provide competitive pricing for hard disk & flash drive recovery. We have corporate and home consumer. pricing.The actual pricing and turn around time will be provided to our customers in a formal quotation, based on the failure analysis report and the amount of resources required to recover the data.

Data Recovery Process

We design our data recovery process to make it simple and easy to engage our data recovery services in Singapore. There are 4 stages. At Stage 1, we will provide data recovery consultation and understand more about your specific media failure. Our data recovery consultant will then immediately arrange courier services to collect your media from anywhere in Singapore. At Stage 2, we will check in your media for failure analysis and evaluation. Within approximately 24 hours to about 3 working days after the receipt of your media, we will be able to provide failure analysis report and detailed service quotation. At Stage 3, after customer approval, we will proceed with drive data recovery. Upon completion, we will email the directory listings of the recovered data to our customers for review. At Stage 4, we will check out and arrange for courier services to deliver your media anywhere in Singapore and provide post recovery support.

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