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Singapore Data Recovery company, Drive Data Recovery Singapore, is the leading provider of data recovery services in Singapore and Asia Pacific regions, for failed hard drive, thumb drive, sdhc microsd memory card, usb flash drive, raid, nas, server and encryption devices.

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Drive Data Recovery Singapore

Who We Are?

Drive Data Recovery (DDR) Singapore, with more than 10 years of data recovery experience, is the leading data recovery solutions company in Singapore and Asia Pacific regions, that serve the fastest growing data recovery industry in Singapore and across Asia Pacific. We provides data recovery services for storage devices from drive manufacturers , using up-to-date data recovery techniques and tools, minimizing usage downtime and without voiding drive warranties.

Why Drive Fails?

Drive fails for a number of reasons - logical, electronics and mechanical.

(1) Logical Failures: Drive failed due to "logical" or non physical failures (such as electronics or mechanical). The hardware is working but are unable to access files or data due to reasons such as accidential formatting, corrupted operating system/partition/data/firmware.

(2) Electronics Failures: Drive failed due to electronics failure such as faulty resistors, capacitors, integrated circuit components, memory flash and microcontrollers.

(3) Mechanical Failures: Drive failed due to mechanical failures such as broken usb signal data trace pad, read/write head mechanism crash, spindle motor unable to spin/incorrect speeds, clicking sound.

(4) User Accidental Activities: Drive often failed due to users accidentally formatting, deleting files, dropping, breaking and spilling liquid.

Drive Recovery Services

Drive Data Recovery Singapore is the preferred data recovery service centre provider for computing devices (desktop, laptop, notebook,netbook, tablet), storage drives ( hard disk, flash drive, usb drive, thumb drive, sdhc card, microsd card, compact flash, memory disk), multi drives (server, raid, san), operating systems ( windows, macintosh, linux, unix) and encryption (McAfee SafeBoot, Windows Bitlocker, TrueCrypt).

Drive Failures We Recovery

Drive Data Recovery Singapore provides data recovery for the following failures (but not limited to):

(1) Logical Failures: Accidental formatting, deletion, operating system (Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 , Macintosh Apple, Linux) corruption, file system (FAT/exFAT/NTFS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, UFS/HFS) corruption, File Allocation Table corruption, Master Boot Record corruption, partition corruption, firmware corruption, data corruption, virus contamination, corrupted microsoft word/excel/powerpoint /access/outlook pst, corrupted photos or digital media, corrupted JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF/TIFF/CR2/NEF/RAW.

(2) Electronics Failures: No power, broken data/signal trace pad or usb connector, damaged printed circuit board, faulty resistors/capacitors/integrated circuit components/ amplifer/ memory flash/microcontroller.

(3) Mechanical Failures: bearing wear, faulty motor, motor not spinning or spin at incorrect rpm, bad sectors, stiction, signal drive read write head faulty or crash, poor data surface condition, clicking sounds.

(4) Miscellaneous Failures: Non detection, blue screen of death, drop or broken drive or connector, drive sluggish or hang, constant cyclic redundancy errors, prompt for format, unknown partition/drive/file system, unable to access folders or files, corrupted file or folders or drive names.

Manufacturers We Recovery

Drive Data Recovery Singapore provides data recovery support for the following storage drive manufacturers (but not limited to): Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Toshiba, IBM, Imation, SanDisk, Kingston, Iomega,Lenovo,HP, Sony, Acer, Asus, Dell, NEC. LG, Panasonic, Quantum, Netgear, Synology, Buffalo, Linksys, QNAP. Astone, Freecom,Ovation, Transcend, Trek, ADATA, IronKey, Lexar, LaCie,Verbatim, Memorex, HGST

Why Choose DDR?

Drive Data Recovery Singapore data recovery services are recognized by storage device manufacturers. We are equipped with up to date recovery techniques and tools. We constantly develop a global network of business partnerships with data recovery centers, components suppliers and transportation services providers and this global partnership network enables us to deliver quality data recovery services at competitive pricing. We are the preferred data recovery service provider of choice; our data recovery services are most sought after by both corporate multinational companies, non profit organization and home consumers.

Tips Managing Data Lost

(1)Power Down Storage Drive
Immediately power down your storage drive to minimize further data lost. This is because ontinue using failed storage drive for any activity, even browsing the internet may result in permanent data lost.

(2)Contact Data Recovery Service
Immediately call professional data recovery service provider to assist you for storage drive data recovery. To prevent further data lost, do not attempt to recover data yourself, unless you are properly trained with the necessary data recovery troubleshooting skills, software and equipment. Drive Data Recovery Singapore is always ready to help you recover your data. Contact us by either calling our helpline (+65 3150-9142) or email us (

Data Recovery Scenarios

As a mother of my new born baby, I love to take photos using my Samsung mobile phone with a 16 GB San Disk MicroSD data card. I would take many many photos of my little princess, at home, in the garden, at the pool and when visiting relatives and friends. Her one month birthday is coming and one day, I took out my San Disk MicroSD to transfer my photos to my computer for editing. I was shocked! When I insert my MicroSD card into my computer, there is an windows error message and asked me to format my MicroSD drive. What should I do? I have experienced MicroSD data lost and I need data recovery services in Singapore for my San Disk MicroSD card.

Unsupported media card inserted, format now?", "Media is not formatted would you like to format now?", "SD memory card was not uninitialized", The SD card cannot be recognized or read by computer, The computer shows the SD memory card drive letter, but you cannot open it. Please insert the drive I?", SD memory card error when playing games with game device like Sony PlayStation,No SD memory card inserted messages appears when using digital cameras, media card hard been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the Media Card now?”,You can read the files on SD memory card, but you cannot write new files or you cannot edit files on SD memory card,Access denied, when SD card is corrupted or broken

"I think there is an issue with S3 and Note 2 killing SD cards.In the past 4 months, it killed my 32gb and 64gb class 10 sandisk. There's a lot of such cases reported on the net. Samsung is not admitting to this and my phone is not rooted."

"I just got a new flash drive before classes started, and pretty much the only things on it are adobe program files. For some reason one day the files just wouldn't show up on the Mac's at school, but still showed up just fine on my home PC. Then about a week later the folders (just the ones inside another folder) showed up as a random set of gifs, and with one more folder and file than I had originally had. Now it shows up as empty on a Mac and has those glifs on a PC."

i ve got a 8GB Imation thumb drive which has a imation flash manager program in it.It is a program which will allow you to create a secured partition that is hidden and requires a password to access it. But right now, whenever I plug in my thumb drive, it will take a very long time to read. On top of that, when i try to open the flash manager to log into the secured partition, it will just hang, I cannot even open the files that are in the unsecured partition.

Had bought a external drive two years ago and somewhere down the road it stopped functioning. The PC does not recognize the drive. When I called the company and explained that the drive was not working and the warranty had expired I was advised that they could not do anything about it. They explained that for defective pieces they do a complete replacement. Are there any other options for recovery of the data?"

Hi I am using a 500gb Seagate hdd from my old laptop as a external hard disk. I have many important data inside. So basically yesterday I tried transferring the files to my new laptop but encounter so problems. First is my laptop took a long time say 5mins or so after I plugged in the USB to detect the external drives. Second problem is that when I am transferring the files(it take super long like 200kb/s) I have like 50gb of important files. Actually I dont mind waiting. However, after transferring say 5min, it will auto disconnect and my transfer will stop. So basically I cant get the copying of files done

"My system recently crashed with my thumb drive still in it. After taking it out and plugging it to a few other systems, it says that i need to format the thumb drive before using it. However, this should not be the case as the thumb drive was already in use and have data that is important to me in it. Please advise.

I need to do some data recovery from my USB stick. its a Toshiba USB stick where I have stored loads of business data.The metallic portion that we use to insert into the USB port has snapped off froom the body please advise where I can get it fixed or at least , recover all the data inside."

I have a memory card which I used to save photos taken using my camera. Have been using this 8GB San Disk memory card for two years now. Then suddenly, one day, when I attempt to transfer the photos from my flash memory card the laptop display an error message saying memory card disk media corrupted

I know my card is seated properly and I am having this same error (message saying SD Card removed unexpectedly) on my Galaxy S4. I think it began around the time I got the last update from U.S. Cellular but Im not positive on the exact timing. Ive tried popping the card in and out but that hasnt helped. I rebooted as well but the problem persists. Sometimes the phone will recognize the SD card, but usually it cannot see the card.

I recently bought an S4 and all was well until I decided to start using the phone to listen to music. Whenever I listen to music on the phone after a minute or two I get a message saying SD Card removed unexpectedly. This message continues to display until I restart the phone or physically remove the SD Card and re insert

i have a thumb drive usb portion broke off.. can anyone help recover the information inside ?"

Ive a problem here.. Recently, my 4GB thumbdrive is not detected by my laptop running on Win Vista. Tried to plug out and plug in again but also the same thing.Pop-up Error: USB Device Not Recognized One of the USB devices attached to this computer.So I thought it is my laptop issue. I tried on another laptop running on Win XP but the same thing happens. From there, I suspect the thumbdrive issue. Brought the thumbdrive to work and tested on several PCs but also the same thing.

Hi, I just bought a 64Gb Sandisk SDXC card at Comex 2013. But after I bring home and plug into my Samsung note 2, it cannot detect the SD card. I tried on desktop and laptop also cannot detect the card. Anyone knows where is the service centre for sandisk in singapore?

My sister knocked it out of the USB port. breaking it. I need to know if there is any way I can recover the files that were on it, its pretty important. is there maybe someone I can take it to to get the files?

Im using 2 computers with Windows 7 Home Premium, and I have a 4GB Ativa thumb drive that simply stopped working. I use this particular thumb drive for ReadyBoost on my laptop because it only has 1GB of RAM and ends up burning the hard drive up constantly over swap file use. One day, I had my laptop running, had it hooked to dads bigscreen TV to show him a couple of movies I had stored on another (identical) thumb drive and all was working well. When I packed up, I closed both thumb drives up and put them in the laptop case. The next time I tried to boot up, I insert the Readyboost thumb drive, Win7 plays the sound it normally does to say its detected a USB device, but does nothing further. The light on the drive never lights up, Windows Explorer doesnt pop up, my desktop drive monitor gadget shows no changes. I notice USB Mass Media Device under USB Controllers in Device Manager, and after a bit it refreshes . I look into the driver properties and it says Devices failed to start.I take it to another computer running WinXP and same reaction, as well as my home desktop, also running Win7. The identical thumb drive containing media works fine. So, it appears to me that the thumb drive has died. Okay, so its a cheap offbrand, I guess thats to be expected. My question here, is what could have caused it? It worked perfectly up until I shut the laptop down, and simply did nothing the next time it was inserted. Im kinda curious about this, in case theres maybe some environmental factor of being in a padded laptop case while retracted, or maybe something my laptop did to it. I dont know, just wondering the possibilities, thumb drives are a bit expensive to me, so I cant just keep going out and buying new flash, and would hate to lose another one. Just curious.

I have a Lexar Jump-drive (128 MB). The other day I plugged it into my laptop, and it didnt recognize it. I restarted my laptop. No dice. I plugged it into another computer. Nothing. I did the whole install hardware wizard on Windows XP. Nothing. How can I fix my thumb drive? Or do I need to take it to a computer fixer man? I have important files on this thumb drive!!

I was closing the back cover of my phone when I accidentally left the Micro SD card half way open which means it was not fully inserted. As a result, it snapped in to two pieces as shown in the link below. I had important files and I need a solution to recover the pictures/videos so I can transfer them on to my computer. When I insert the SD card in to a card reader or my phone it does not even recognize it even though it sits in properly (lock not broken as shown in picture). Do I have to attach it back together for it to work and if so then how? I need a solution to recover my data but my PC isn’t recognizing the SD card and Ive tried other cards and it recognizes them. Any help is appreciated. The phone is Samsung Galaxy S2.

Accidentally formatted my hard disk drive. Hard Disk Drive Unable to detect in Windows. Accidentally deleted my office files. Virus. Lost missing data file. corrupted photos. Firmware corrupted. Non Detection. There is a clicking sound in my hard drive. Beeping sound. Mechanical failure. Read Write Head Assembly crashed. Bad sectors. Motor faulty.

my 320 gb hard disk making clickling noise when i start my pc and when noise stop my boot screen appears and hard disk not show there..even in bios is not shows anymore but hard disk still spinning its nt complete dead

portable hard drive called the Western Digital My Passport SE 1TB and it was dropped twice today. It was dropped because it was knocked down when friend A was using his laptop. Mind you it was not plugged in at the time..when I plug it in it just makes beeping noises and does not pop up in Windows Explorer. Is there a way to fix it? I still have the warranty on it, but I really want to recover the data that was on it because there was stuff on there that was important to me and cannot be replace.

I dropped my harddisk 2.5 and now i really need some files the hdd was running, and now it is clicking.